5 Ways Dentists Can Avoid an Online Reputation Management Nightmare

5 Ways Dentists Can Avoid an Online Reputation Management Nightmare

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You are a top notch dentist with a great staff and impeccable practice management. You do everything you can to make sure each and every patient that sits in your chair is treated with the utmost care and comfort. You pride yourself on your ability to give great customer service. So, anything that your patients choose to say about you online will be nothing but positive, right? Not necessarily.

The truth is, it’s impossible to please everyone, and every now and then, even the best dentists get negative online reviews posted about them or their staff. When folks feel wronged, they want to share it with the world, even if they really were or not. According to a recent Reputation Management Survey by McKremie, only 3% of people NEVER check out products, services or companies online before they do business with them. That means approximately 97% of your potential patients will Google you before they decide to book an appointment. They will see any reviews (positive or negative) that your past and current patients have posted online.The good news is that reputation fallout from negative online patient reviews doesn’t have to be inevitable.

We’ve got five simple marketing tactics that will keep the fate of your online reputation in your hands:

1. Google Yourself

First and foremost, you should know what’s been written about you. If you don’t see any negative reviews…do a happy dance! But, don’t get too complacent. Any business that depends on customers (or patients) still needs a proactive online reputation management strategy.

2. Claim Your Space

Claim and optimize as many of your local listings profiles as possible, like Google+ Local, Yelp, City Search and Angie’s List. Not only is this good for your patients who need to find you to write positive reviews, it’s good for general SEO purposes. As we said in a previous blog post, “Local listings now receive prime space on Google’s results page. Completing your listing is a great way to move into a high-visibility position for your office’s primary search terms. This entails claiming your listing, adding photos, keywords, customizing the description, etc.”

3. Create Some Content

Control as much of the first two pages of Google as possible. This is important for two reasons; first, by adding positive and original content (like blog posts or new pages to your website), it helps to push any negative reviews down past the first few pages of a Google search. Second, a steady stream of original content is one of the top ways that Google ranks your website, making it a must if you want potential patients to find you online.

4. Address Bad Reviews Head On

Want to shock your negative reviewers? Respond to them. They don’t expect a response, so we suggest you nicely address it right away. In some instances, you can turn an unsatisfied customer into a brand advocate for your practice! For more advice on how to address a negative review, check out our previous blog post.

5. Think Offensively

Consider enrolling in a comprehensive reputation management program that not only defends, but proactively protects your reputation. It can be a full time job to monitor your brand online and many busy dentists choose to partner with a reputation management or marketing firm to take care of it for them.

We Can Help

Our team at BullseyeMedia will help you monitor the web for negative reviews and provide your practice with a proactive strategy that protects your brand and takes control of your online reputation. How? We use a powerful software that scours the internet 24/7 looking for reviews, social media mentions and local directory citations of your practice. If anything negative shows up about you, we are notified immediately and we can help you take action.

Don’t leave your reputation to chance. If you want to take a more pro-active approach to protecting your online reputation, contact us today at (214) 491-6166 and learn more about our new online reputation management services.

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