8 Social Media Content Ideas that Work for Dentists

8 Social Media Content Ideas that Work for Dentists

Content is king. So they say.

Good online marketers know that content is everything; in fact, it’s typically considered the “king” of online marketing. Why?  Google continually rewards websites that provide consistent, quality content to its users; typically in the form of blog posts and updated web page copy.

While that content is still very important and valid to a good online marketing strategy, recent research shows that social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google) is beginning to be a crucial piece of the SEO pie.  Consider this statistic from a new study:

[quote author=”- Searchmetrics”]Within the US, among 44 ranking factors examined, social signals account for 7 of the 8 most highly correlated with Google search results.[/quote]

To put it simply, if you want your website to rank highly in a Google search of dentists in your area, social media profiles are no longer an “optional” choice.  They’re imperative.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, too much of the wrong content can ruin your social media strategy in a hurry.  Your content won’t mean anything to Google or your patients if it isn’t providing value.  We believe that compelling content for a dental practice should be relevant to your patient’s interests while staying within the context of why they know you in the first place. The best social media business profiles have a coherent, engaging voice.  For dentists, the best content mixes are a combination of three things:

  • Fun (while staying away from the obvious or borderline “cheesy”)
  • Useful or little known information
  • Promotion of your practice

A Content Mix that’s Good for Business

As we mentioned earlier, a great content mix is everything. Exactly what that content mix should be is a little harder to pin down.  Too much business content and they will run (and by run, we mean unfriend and unlike) and the wrong kind of “entertainment” posts could give you and your practice a lack of credibility. Here are 8 content strategies that will ensure your content strategy won’t fall victim to either problem.

1. Caption This Image

Post a funny, engaging or surprising image (dentistry-related or not) and ask your Facebook Fans to post a caption to go with it.  This engages your Facebook fan base and asks them to participate, plus it will get you the likes and comments you need to give Google some social signals needed for search engine page rank.

2. One Little Known Way to…

Inspired by Pinterest (another very popular social media network), this type of post will provide a little-known solution to a common problem.  This gives your Facebook community value and is one of the best ways to get your content “shared” on your patient’s newsfeeds. Be careful not to stray “too” far from your dental expertise.  You want to make sure you stick to your core competencies.

3. Ask a Question

User engagement is the goal when using this style of content. Pose a question to your Facebook or Google+ community and ask them for their input by replying with their answers.  The question can be dental related or not.

4. Participate in Social Media Trends

If you have a personal Facebook or Twitter account, you may have noticed the Twitter or Facebook hashtag #ThrowBackThursday  (#tbt for short)  on your timelines or newsfeeds.  If you haven’t, here’s how it works; post an old photo of yourself, an event, your family, etc., then add the hashtag #ThrowBackThursday and your photo will be included in the larger conversation of people doing the same thing. By participating in trending conversations like this, your practice has a great opportunity to show that you are up-to-date with the latest social media trends.

TIP:  Stick with the topic of dentistry with this strategy.  Post an old photo from your dental school years or photos of obviously outdated dental technology (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) with a catchy caption.

5. Links to Dentistry-Related Articles

More than likely, your Facebook fans won’t share this information. However, it does serve a very important purpose. It keeps you within the right context and reminds your social community about what you do.

6. Links to your Website Blogs

If you have an online marketing plan in place; you probably have a blog that is updated at least once or twice a month.  Once your blogs post, share them on your social media profiles.  It links them to your website, adds to your credibility and its easy!

7. Use Images as Much as Possible

It’s no secret that most people connect visually.  Social media is no different.  Facebook posts with images generate 120% more user engagement than posts with text alone, so use them whenever you can. 

TIP: A picture here and there is fine, but Twitter is mostly a text-based social media platform and visuals are rarely successful.  Mostly, because photos are displayed in “link form” as opposed to “picture form.”

8. Dental Q&A:

Answer your most-often asked dental-related questions in a Tweet! It’s a great way to showcase your expertise and is a quick way to deliver quality content to your followers. But remember, it has to be within 140 characters so keep it short.

Stay tuned for our latest eBook, “The Dentist’s Definitive Guide to Social Media:  Compelling Content Strategies that Work for Any Practice” and learn more about crafting the right content strategy for your practice by contacting us today.

 photo credit: Ian Sane