The Benefits of Responsive Dental Websites

The Benefits of Responsive Dental Websites

As we wrote previously, an ever-increasing share of website visitors are on mobile devices. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of dental practices are actually developing mobile-friendly sites to meet the growing demand.

This is understandable. Who wants to have two (or three or four) different websites to cater to each device? And who has the time or money to develop these mobile-ready sites? On the other hand, you may be losing potential patients if you are not prepared for a “mobile future.”

Enter “responsive” websites. Responsive websites use a flexible grid framework that “responds” to screen resolution so that the grid (or blocks of content) is positioned respective to the user’s device. Responsive sites automatically change and realign themselves so that they are optimized for legibility, navigation and fast display on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Consider this:

Multiple Devices but One Website

Today’s mobile users do not want slimmed down versions of videos, pictures and content.  They want to see everything on your website a Desktop visitor would see. If you have a responsive website, you only need one website for every device, including iphones, Nooks, laptops, desktop computers and even internet-connected TVs. Imagine the time and money saved not having to create and update multiple sites and patients will appreciate that your site was delivered responsive to the device they are using.

In addition, a single practice website is very important for search engine optimization, link-building, social sharing and more. Having only one site to track, share and promote is better for all concerned. And Google agrees:

…Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device…”

Prepare for the Future

A responsive website insures you are virtually “future proof.” Changes in display sizes on devices and platforms will not affect how your website performs or looks because responsive sites use long-standing design technologies. Bigger screens? Changing resolutions? No problem.

At Bullseye Media, we recommend our clients use responsive themes on the WordPress platform. That way, changes and updates are available instantly and implemented across every device.

Contact us today to discuss upgrading your website so you can capture your share of the mobile searchers in your market.