What will you learn in your “Dental Marketing X-Ray?”

To prepare for your analysis, which refer to as an “X-Ray,” we’ll use several, industry-standard research tools to determine where you stand relative to your market.  During the X-Ray, we’ll give you actionable steps and strategies to improve your online visibility.  We’ll show you how you compare to your competition, how your website is performing, and how potential patients perceive your brand.

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Learn all of this and more.

  • We’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your competition so you know how you compare to other practices in your area.
  • Our team will test and analyze your website so you can build on your website’s strengths and correct the weaknesses.
  • We’ll show you how you are positioned for search and give you insight into the coming mobile revolution.
  • We’ll use data to demonstrate how you are wasting your time on Facebook (and what to do instead.)
  • We’ll uncover what’s being said about you online and give you a full reputation analysis.
  • We’ll tell you how much other dentists in your area are spending on advertising.
  • We’ll outline for you where your biggest opportunities are online.

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Here’s what other dental professionals say about us …

Since we’ve been with them, hits to our website are up over 800%, our new patient flow is way up and of the patients we see, about 70-75% convert to treatment, so I’m very happy.

Phillip Kozlow, DDS
General Dentist

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