Dental Patient Testimonials: Which questions should you ask?

Dental Patient Testimonials: Which questions should you ask?

Patient testimonials are enriched by good questions.

Patient testimonials; they are the holy grail of dental marketing.  As we said in a previous blog post about video marketing, when potential patients are searching for a dentist online, the most convincing piece of marketing they will see is a short clip of your current patients, raving happily about their new smiles and renewed confidence.

The bottom line?  When making decisions about who to trust their oral health to; your potential patients seem to trust regular, everyday people’s experiencesWhy?  They view testimonials as an unbiased view of your services, void of marketing tactics.

But, just like anything that is good and worthwhile, patient testimonials seem to be the most difficult piece of marketing for dentists to acquire and implement on their website.  We understand.  As a dentist or dental specialist, you have more than enough to do during your day, like running a practice and giving your patients quality dental care.  Most dentists we speak with get hung up on the details; which patients should I ask for a testimonial?  What kind of questions should I ask?  How long should the videos be?  What are the legal issues of patient testimonials?  Frankly, the thought of taking the time to recruit patients, prep them for a video shoot and then edit and post them to your website is the last thing on you or your office manager’s list of to-do’s.

Fortunately, video testimonials don’t have to be complicated to be effective.  Remember, all your potential patients want to see is someone who is just like them, giving a recommendation of dental results they hope to get themselves. That means you don’t need expensive video equipment or an hour-long shoot.  In fact, a smart phone (Android or iPhone) can shoot a pretty good video and for your purposes, will work just fine.

But which questions should you (or your office or marketing manager) ask your patients when shooting a quick testimonial? It really doesn’t matter as long as they are doing one thing; telling your patient’s story.  As says, stories have power, grace, flow and rhythm.  And yes, that does include dental testimonials.  Here are six question ideas to ask your patients when shooting testimonials:

Q1 – What didn’t you like about your smile before you came to us?

This type of question does one important thing; it connects your current patients to your potential patients as they may have the same dental issue.

Q2 – How did your recent dental procedure change that?

This type of question gets right to the core of why a potential patient would see a dentist or specialist in the first place; they have a problem and only you (a dentist) can fix it.

Q3 – What was your favorite part about your patient experience in our dental office?

By asking your patient this question, you get a short clip that can be used in any marketing; it doesn’t matter if their favorite part was your friendly staff, quick treatment time or the dentist’s great chair side manner…all of those elements are great testimonials that help build social proof for your office.

Q4 – How does your new smile make you feel?

Without getting too deep into the psychology of marketing or advertising, the most powerful piece of any marketing is the end result, or how it makes the patient feel.  Think about it; your patients really don’t sit through teeth whitening to have whiter teeth.  They whiten their teeth because they want to feel confident and beautiful.

Q5 – Why did you trust our dental office with your oral health?

70% of people say they value a stranger’s opinion when making a purchasing decision; that includes dental patient testimonials.  By asking a question your patient why they chose to trust you and your services, you set yourself apart from your competitors even further.

Your patients’ stories can tell a positive story about your practice; and they don’t have to be difficult or expensive to shoot.  Contact our experienced video marketing team for more information about how to shoot and implement patient testimonials on your website.