Three years ago I was diagnosed with OSA.

A note from our founder:

Three years ago I was diagnosed with OSA. I was treated with a mandibular advancement device and it was life-changing. Health issues that I had struggled with for nearly 25 years suddenly went away. In addition to feeling better physically, I’m a much more emotionally present, patient father and husband than I have ever been. I only wish I had been diagnosed and treated when I was 26 rather than 46.

As I’ve learned more about OSA, the significant health risks it poses, and the number of people who are undiagnosed, I feel a moral obligation to do something about it.

During the past 11 years, my company has helped over 350 dental practices market their services. I’ve come to realize that while several dental services can change lives, OSA treatment can literally save lives. That’s something I want to be a part of.

We’ve developed what I believe to be the most comprehensive direct-to-consumer dental sleep marketing program available. It includes internal and external as well as online and offline marketing strategies and resources. And no, it doesn’t require you to solicit referrals from MDs.

Our team has a goal of generating 1,000 scheduled sleep apnea consultations each month.

If you would like to be one of the practices receiving a portion of those new patients feel free to call my direct line: (214) 592-9393. Or visit to schedule a call with me.

Take care,

Marc Fowler
President, Bullseye Media

Dr. Gy Yatros shares his experience working with Bullseye Media

P.S. This program isn’t for everyone. We have purposely kept the price as low as possible because we are passionate about the 1,000 consults per month goal. However, we are only working with dental practices that are serious about growing the sleep portion of their practice and are passionate about savings lives in the process.

The Opportunity

Depending on whose statistics you believe, approximately 1 in 5 adults has mild OSA, 1 in 15 has moderate to severe OSA, and about 80% of those cases remain undiagnosed. So, if you have a general dentistry practice with 1,000 patients, approximately 200 of them should be receiving OSA treatment.

Additionally, there are thousands of people living near your office who are suffering from OSA and don’t know it. As a dentist, you are the most well positioned healthcare provider to address this issue. The average adult sees their dentist more frequently and spends more time with them than any other healthcare professional. With the high percentage of CPAP non-compliance, oral appliances are going to be more effective for the majority of patients.

The average sleep dentist sees less than three sleep patients per month. And that’s the dentists that are dedicated to sleep. The majority of dental practices don’t treat OSA cases at all.

The market potential for dental sleep is far greater than the implant market and you see how competitive that has become over the past 5 years. So, the opportunity to grab market share in dental sleep treatment is tremendous, and the time to do so is now.

The Challenges

There are a few hurdles to successfully growing a dental sleep practice. Most sleep apnea marketing programs require you to develop relationships with MDs and sleep labs. There are some issues with this approach:

  • Only so many dentists can have “great” relationships with the MDs and labs.
  • You aren’t comfortable in that role. You are a dentist, not an outside salesperson.
  • Those relationships can take years to develop.
  • The referrals are typically one-way, particularly at the beginning.
  • Many of the patients you refer never return to you for treatment.
  • Most MDs and sleep labs think CPAP first.
  • For many sleep labs, the sleep test is a loss-leader, they make their money selling CPAPs.
  • Most patients aren’t willing to do an overnight in-lab sleep study.

Direct-to-Patient Challenges

Direct-to-consumer marketing for sleep apnea is different than marketing most other dental services. While everyone knows they need to call a dentist when they crack a tooth, very few even know what sleep apnea is. Thus, the 80% undiagnosed statistic above.


These challenges inspired us to create the most comprehensive direct-to-consumer dental sleep marketing program available. After spending months researching the market and analyzing existing marketing programs, we were not able to find anything that comes close to what we have developed.  

Comprehensive Sleep Marketing

Our sleep program utilizes a combination of online & offline, internal and external done-for-you marketing strategies and collateral. The program creates awareness, educates and generates scheduled sleep consults.

Online Strategies

Dedicated website, custom domain, digital advertising, social media and online visibility reach potential patients online.

Offline Strategies

Wall posters, targeted direct mail, and brochures reach potential patients in your area and educate your current patient base while they are in-office.

Integrated Tracking

Tracking number, dynamic dashboard and online scheduling tracks and quantifies your marketing efforts.

  • Dental Sleep ExpertSite™
  • Custom Domain/URL
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Facebook Posts
  • Videos
  • Interactive Customized Quiz
  • Office Posters
  • Custom Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Scripting for Staff
  • Logos
  • Search Engine Optimization

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