The Five Essentials of Optimizing Your Dental Videos for Search Engines

The Five Essentials of Optimizing Your Dental Videos for Search Engines

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A great dental video isn’t over when the cameras stop rolling. Once they’re shot and edited, it’s time to optimize!

Dental videos are a great way to engage your current and potential patient base. If they feature the dentist, they help build credibility.  How? According to, 65% of people are visual learners.  That means more than half of your potential patients will connect with you and your practice best by seeing what you offer, rather than reading.

Beyond connecting with your patients and potential patients, videos are becoming an increasingly essential part of an effective SEO strategy. Here are two reasons why:

  • Blog posts with video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video – SEOMoz
  • Having video on the landing page of your site makes it 53% more likely to show up on page one of Google – Mist Media

For quite some time now, we’ve heard how Google rewards websites who create helpful, fresh and consistent content – this can include anything from blog posts, updated webpage content and videos. Yes dentists, dental videos are an excellent form of content for your website and social media profiles. But, to reap all of the marketing benefits that videos have to offer, Google must be able to find and index them.  Here are five essential things you must do:

Choose your Keywords – It should come as no surprise that your keywords play a sizable role in how (and who) finds your videos when they are searching for dentistry services.  Dental videos usually fall within a couple of categories – a Q & A with the dentist, patient testimonials, details about a procedure, or a tour of the practice office – though, that is not an exhaustive list by any means.  When you decide on keywords for your video, think about what your potential patients are searching for when they are looking for a dentist in your area.  If the video focuses on dental implants, you might want to choose dental implants and/or implant dentist as your keywords, as an example.

Title it Right – There has been some speculation about whether or not Google has the capability to “see” a picture or video and intuitively know what it is without a text description.  However, until we know they can for sure, the best way to let Google know what your video is about is to give it a great title tag. To do this, title the video with the most accurate text to describe what is happening.  If it’s an interview with the dentist about porcelain veneers, title the video with something like “Dentist Describes Porcelain Veneers Procedure and Follow Up Care.”  TIP:  Always (always) include your target keyword in your video title tag.  For best results, try to use it near the beginning.)

Describe it – For optimum SEO benefit, your video should have a great description that tells Google and other search engines what the video is about.  While it’s important to include your keywords here, don’t over-do it.  Your video description should read in the most natural way possible.  If Google even gets a whiff of anything that appears or seems to appear “spammy”, your hard SEO work will not only go unrewarded, it could be penalized.  Your best bet is to simply write a true summary of what your video is about without any gimmicky or black-hat SEO strategies.

Share it…and then Share it Again – Google places importance on backlinks, user comments and social media shares and we believe factors those elements into your overall search engine rank. So, once your video has been optimized, share it, and then share it again!  Remember that the more fun and out-of-the-box the video is, the more likely it will get shared and commented on.  Have some fun and get creative!

Use your Videos Everywhere – Videos aren’t just for YouTube and your practice’s website home page.  While those are essential places for them, there are other options.  Consider using them on your pay-per-click campaign landing pages.  Why?  Videos have been shown to increase conversions by 86%.  That’s one big reason to consider creating some videos!

Videos are part of your website’s overall online footprint and becoming increasingly important to your online marketing strategy.  Contact our video marketing team today to learn how we can help you script, shoot and optimize dental videos for your practice.