The Importance of Quality Images on Your Website

The Importance of Quality Images on Your Website

Many times people underestimate the importance of quality images when designing their websites. In an effort to save money, they often opt for free or lower quality photos. Studies have shown that images are the first thing website visitors notice, so don’t skimp on quality.

Think of it this way, a bakery or clothing store has tangible goods and products for the consumer to try and experience before they purchase. However, with a service business that is typically not the case.

Visual marketing is the first impression of your business. When you flip through a magazine, typically the first thing that catches your eye is an image. Visual marketing carries great power.

Options to Enhance Your Visual Marketing

There are several avenues to consider when boosting your visual marketing. The good news is, cost doesn’t have to be an issue.

  • Use Professional Stock Photos : There are multiple websites available that supply quality images at an affordable cost.
  • Hire a Professional Photographer : Though an Investment, this option will add a personal touch and allow you to use the images for other areas of your business.
  • Take the Photos Yourself : Although cost efficient, this option is only recommended if you have the tools necessary to take quality images, otherwise you may want to reconsider.

Adding images to your website gives it a personal touch, making others feel welcome and attracting consumers in a greater way. First impressions are everything, especially online. You want your images to be a strong selling point of your services. You want to give the outside world a firsthand look into your business.

Types of Photos to Consider

  • Individual Headshots : More than anything else, consumers want to put a face with a name. They want to see who’s behind the business and who they will be interacting with. The “About” page is the most visited page on the entire website, which is why personality is so important. The consumer wants to feel connected with you.
  • Group Photos : Introduce the consumer to the entire staff. Make them feel welcome right from the start!
  • Office Photos : Show the consumer where they will be. Studies show people are more likely to schedule if they can envision themselves there already.
  • Action Photos: Help others envision a day in the life of your office. Again, it’s about adding that personal touch.
  • Clients Photos : Before & Afters, Client Testimonials, Patient Interaction

Going to the dentist can be a scary and uncomfortable experience for a lot of people due to bad stereotypes & negative previous experiences. If you can get the prospective patient to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they arrive at your website, they are more likely to schedule an appointment.