Four Key Components of a Great Practice Facebook Page

Four Key Components of a Great Practice Facebook Page

The social nature of technology has rapidly changed the way that your patients make decisions when choosing a dentist.  Research has shown that people often use online search engines (primarily Google) to find the products and services that they need, but more and more, are using social media (like Facebook) to familiarize themselves with the brands and products they find.  In simpler terms, your potential patients will find you in a Google search, but will probably look for and consult your Facebook page before they make their final decision before booking an appointment.

Take a moment and consider these Facebook statistics:

  •  “20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there.” – Ipsos
  • “85% of Internet users have a Facebook account.” –
  • “People aged 25-34 use Facebook the most.” – Emarketer
  • “70% of local businesses use Facebook.” – Jeff Bullas

Social media is no longer something that only teenagers and college-aged young adults engage in.  The future of online marketing is becoming more and more dependent on social media and if you want to get more patients online, your practice needs a Facebook page.

Before you heave a big *sigh* and think, “Great, just one more thing that I don’t have time to do,” let us reassure you. Creating a Facebook business page doesn’t have to be time-intensive, daunting or difficult.  Here are the four key considerations that will help you create a great practice Facebook page:

1. Keep it Strictly Social – As we mentioned in a previous blog post, people go to Facebook, the world’s largest social network…to simply be social.  While sharing your dental knowledge is important and definitely has its place in securing new patients, the Facebook comments and shares that are important for good SEO will usually come from social-style posts.  Think of Facebook this way… your patients are much more interested in pictures of your hygienist’s office birthday party than a link to a medical journal article on the latest dental implant technology.  Share accordingly.

2. But…Don’t Forget SEO – Let’s not forget why you’re even bothering with this online marketing stuff in the first place…to get more patients online!  One way to make sure you’re on track with your organic SEO efforts is by choosing the right Classification when setting up your Facebook business page.  By choosing the right classification, Facebook knows to rank you for relevant searches.  Classifications can include; local business or place, artist, band, public figure, brand, product, etc.  But choose carefully, because once you do, it can’t be undone.

3. Your Profile Photo Matters – Blogger and fellow dentist, Rittu Rao recommends that you use YOUR photo as your profile picture instead of your practice logo.  Why?  People connect with other people much more than any logo or image, so using a photo of yourself is much more appealing to your potential patients.  But don’t worry, your practice logo won’t be left out…it will usually fit quite nicely in the cover image, the larger spot behind your profile picture. TIP:  Photos are often the most shared and liked posts on Facebook.  Don’t have a fancy camera?  The camera on an iPhone works just fine.

4. Engage Enthusiastically – Post often and quickly reply to comments.  Engaging with your patients or “fans” on Facebook is the most important part of this whole social media thing. The likes, shares and comments from your Facebook fan base not only send social signals to Google for SEO but also gives you one more opportunity to connect with your patients.  Don’t have the time to post throughout the day?  No big deal.  Facebook allows the page administrator to pre-schedule posts for a later date.  Just make sure someone in your office has the availability to respond to comments to your posts in a timely fashion.

That’s easy enough, right? Well, if you’re still thinking, “Great, just one more thing that I don’t have time to do,” you’re in luck, we can help.  Bullseye Media now offers comprehensive social media programs for dentists.  Contact us today to find out more.