Local SEO Tips for Dentists – Consumer Search Tendencies

Local SEO Tips for Dentists – Consumer Search Tendencies

Targeting the right keywords is the first step in a successful search engine optimization campaign and as such is one of the first things we address during the initial discussions with new clients. In the course of the discussion, they will often ask us what geographic modifiers consumers type when searching for dental services?

That question is answered well by a recent study by BrightLocal that included survey responses from 1,080 US consumers:

It’s interesting to note that women search by Town/City name more often that men, while men search by Zip Code more often than women. Since we know that women search for dental services more often than men, you need to focus your keywords more on the city than the zip code. However, ideally you’ll do both.

You’ll notice a very small percentage search by neighborhood. Our own research indicates that percentage increases significantly when the dental office is located in a large city (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.). If your practice is in the suburbs, you shouldn’t waste resources optimizing for neighborhood names.

Why Optimizing Your Website for Local Search is Critical for Dentists

This next graphic, also provided by BrightLocal, indicates that 59% of consumers use Google EVERY month to find local businesses. Yet more proof that Google has replaced the Yellow Pages for many people.

So, if you are still on the fence wondering whether optimizing your dental website for Google is worth the time and effort, this should give you the motivation you need to get started. Take the first step and request a dental marketing x-ray.