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Navigating the AI Wave: Enhancing Website Images with a Personal Touch

In our ongoing quest to make your online presence shine, we’re excited to kick off a series of blog posts exploring the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in digital marketing! Part one dives into how AI, with a human touch, has become an invaluable asset in our quest for pixel-perfect web design, particularly when it comes to images.

Using AI to Generatively Expand Images

Imagine this scenario – You’ve submitted a ticket requesting the image below to be one of the new hero images on your website’s homepage slider. The only problem is, the image you provided doesn’t quite fit the long and narrow space designated for the hero section. In the past, this would require awkward cropping to force the image into the available space, or re-working the size of the hero area and adjusting the whole flow of the page!

example dental office image
Original Image
example dental office image cropped
Cropped Image

This is where AI steps in to save the day. By leveraging generative techniques, AI can intelligently expand the background of the image, ensuring that it seamlessly fits the required dimensions, like an artist expanding their painting to the edge of a canvas.

example dental office image expanded
AI Expanded Image

The Challenges of Generative AI

While AI undoubtedly streamlines the image editing process, human oversight and intervention play a crucial role in ensuring the final output meets our standards of excellence. While AI can work wonders in stretching the image to fit the required dimensions, it may sometimes miss the mark when it comes to intricate details or areas where objects overlap. This is where human expertise shines through. Our keen eye for detail allows us to identify and rectify any imperfections or inconsistencies in the AI-generated image, ensuring that the final result is polished, professional, and perfectly tailored to your website’s needs. 

Let’s look again at the image example. AI was able to expand the image background, but did you notice any issues? When you take a closer look, you start to notice the oddities of AI – For example, what is that object on the shelf? Where did the pipe behind the hygienist come from? What’s going on with that dental tool shelf?

example dental office image expanded with issues highlighted
AI Image Issues

By combining the strengths of AI with human intervention, we can achieve a harmonious balance between technological innovation and human creativity, resulting in visually stunning images that perfectly fit your website’s needs.

example dental office image expanded and corrected
Final Image, After Human Correction

AI Upscaling

Another common scenario where AI proves invaluable is when logos provided are of low quality or resolution. Previously, this situation would have resulted in a compromise on the visual appeal of your website, forcing us to display a small, pixelated, or blurry image that fails to make the desired impact. However, thanks to the advancements in AI-powered image upscaling algorithms, we now have the capability to precisely enlarge and enhance these logos. Yet even as good as this technology has gotten, it still requires a human touch to get the maximum benefits. AI can upscale an image and smooth out many of its wrinkles, but it takes a designers touch to go in and make the enhanced image crisp and truely renewed.
logo example original
Original Logo
logo example upscaled
AI Upscaled Logo
logo human corrected
Human Corrected Logo

Looking Forward

The synergy between AI technology and human expertise is the winning formula for creating visually captivating websites that leave a lasting impression on your audience. AI is a tool which can be used to streamline the image editing processes and enhance visual elements, but a tool always needs a craftsman to bring out it’s potential. Our dedication to ensuring every detail is accurate, and every image flawlessly integrated, is what sets us apart in the realm of web design.

Here’s to a future filled with beautifully crafted websites, powered by the perfect blend of technology and human touch.

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