Online Video Marketing: 2 Simple Strategies any Dental Office can Use

Online Video Marketing: 2 Simple Strategies any Dental Office can Use

Videography does not have to be complicated

Shooting patient testimonials and doctor interviews does not require expensive equipment (like this) or software. 

Seeing is believing.  It’s no secret that video marketing builds credibility and gives your practice an advantage over competitors.  When potential patients are searching for a dentist online, the most convincing piece of marketing they will see is a video of your current patients, speaking happily about their new smiles.  It’s simple; we connect with real people getting real results from their cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon or general dentist.

Additionally, videos are important for more reasons than just creating a dynamic dental website.  They’re also an essential tool for a great SEO strategy.  More and more, Google is showing keyword-optimized YouTube videos in their organic search results. In fact, Mist Media says that having video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on page one of Google.

But many dentists we speak with have only one feeling about implementing video marketing in their practice; and that feeling is…apprehensive.  Many dentists “become” dentists to do one thing; serve as many patients as possible with excellent dental care. Let’s face it; you didn’t go to dental school to shoot marketing videos about your practice.

The good news is video marketing for your practice doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive.  Here are two simple strategies any dental office can use:

Patient Testimonials

One of the most frequent questions our team gets from dentists is “How do I get more patient testimonials for my website?”  Some dentists incorrectly think they need to hire a professional videographer, set up a studio in their office and recruit patients to come in on their own to give a testimonial.  While yes, that does work and is certainly a great strategy if you have the time and budget; shooting patient testimonials doesn’t have to be time-consuming and you certainly don’t need fancy equipment for them to be effective.  The truth is, if you have a happy patient and a smart phone (iPhone or Android device), you can shoot a high-quality patient testimonial.  After a patient is done with a procedure and expresses their satisfaction with how painless it was, how happy they are with the results, etc., have your office manager shoot a quick 20 second video with their smart phone.  The best part?  You can upload the video to YouTube directly from your phone.  It’s simple, cost effective and will take less than five minutes.

TIP:  It’s very important to get your patient’s permission to shoot the video AND permission to post it on your website and social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Make sure your office manager or marketing manager has their signature on file before you do anything.  If you need a sample release form just contact us.

Meet the Dentist

According to, about 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. That makes video a very powerful marketing tool.  It’s more powerful than anything they see in print, so much so, that the information retained in just one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. Video is compelling, plain and simple.

What’s more is your potential patients are more likely to be engaged by a video featuring the dentist than a standard video about dental implant technology or any other service you offer.  But this, unfortunately, is where we lose many dentists.  The thought of sitting down and shooting a promotional video seems to make them uncomfortable and consequently, video marketing gets pushed to the back burner.

But just like patient testimonials, shooting a compelling video introducing your specialties as a dentist doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult.  Our video team has found that even the most nervous of dentists can shoot a great video by simply answering a few questions about themselves, their practice and their background.  We recommend dentists use an “interview-style” video platform where the dentist doesn’t have to look directly at the camera.  The result is a compelling video that feels like a conversation between yourself and your potential patients.

TIP:  Keep the questions as simple as possible when shooting your “Meet the Dentist” video.  Questions like, “How does your staff make a difference in your practice?” and “What is your favorite part about treating your patients?” make any dentist light up with passion for their craft.

Want to incorporate video into your online marketing strategy but not sure how?  Contact our creative video marketing team at Bullseye for more information about how to get started today.

Image credit: Movieing Memories