Why original website copy is so important

Why original website copy is so important

original copy in dental websitesThe reasons to have original – and quality – website copy are as plentiful as they are compelling.

In recent years, website copy has wrongfully taken a backseat to website design. As a result, website owners are beginning to pay the price for their misguided style-over-substance mentality.

Although skillful online marketing through website copy is important in every industry, when developing a dental practice website, the importance of well-written, purposeful copy increases tremendously.

When a prospective patient scours the web in search of a new dentist, a great degree of scrutiny is applied. Patients expect and demand a personal connection with a qualified healthcare provider and his or her staff, not just nondescript, cookie cutter copy that could be generically plastered across the website of any dentist.

To that end, there are three essential tips that should be carefully considered when preparing original copy on your website.

1. Make it Personal

Patients want to know more than just a list of the dentist’s services and the office hours. They want to know something both practical and personal. To achieve this invaluable reader-to-dentist connection, include informative bios of doctors and staff, a video tour of the office, maybe some compelling before and after photos. Ideally, the site will contain a dedicated section for blogging in which you can occasionally provide tips and stories that equally convey competence and a comforting manner.

2. Get to the Point

Just because website copy is essential doesn’t mean it has to be excessive or wordy. Chances are, if a prospective patient comes to your site, he or she will have an attention span just long enough to peruse some of your material. Make certain that your copy is short and engaging enough for readers to fully digest in the fastest time possible.

3. Trust a Professional

Many practitioners mistakenly believe that they must spend hours writing copy for their websites to keep it fresh and engaging. However, every hour spent writing website content is an hour not spent chairside or on your favorite hobby. The services of a professional copywriter can save you time and make you money.  A professional copywriter will convey your message effectively and concisely, paying special attention to brevity and the buzz words that search engines like Google will react favorably to.

At the end of the day, effective website copy provides both the reader and the search engines the information they are seeking.