PPC or SEO: How About Both?

PPC or SEO: How About Both?

The more involved you become with internet marketing, the easier it is to see that all of your marketing is basically intertwined.  Two forms of digital marketing that work especially well together are PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine optimization).  Many experts would even consider PPC to be a critical component in launching a successful SEO campaign.  Most search experts agree that paid results receive from 20-30% of search traffic while organic results receive the other 70-80%.  If your company is focusing solely on SEO it might be time to consider tying the two components together.

Tracking Your Information

PPC is an excellent way to drive qualified traffic to your website.  Your ad will only come up when specific terms are searched.  Then you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, directing them to your landing page.  Landing pages are usually one page mini-sites that have the sole purpose of driving conversions.  The number of people who click on your ad, see your landing page, and follow your call to action is very easily tracked.  One advantage of this is that you can start collecting test information for your company to determine what keywords are leading to high-quality new patients and conversions.  From there it is easier to choose keywords that will be more beneficial for your SEO campaign.

Getting Started Quickly

PPC starts working immediately, whereas SEO can take a few months to start gaining traction. The advantage of this is that companies can start collecting data right away on what keywords are leading to high-quality new patients and conversions. PPC will test out different keywords for you and you can then effectively choose the keywords you want to optimize for with organic search (SEO).

PPC is also an excellent choice if you have something new to promote.  For example, if you are running a special for a particular service or procedure then the quickest way to get the word out is with pay-per-click.

Better Together

Many people in the search industry still believe that SEO and PPC are natural competitors and they cannot effectively be used for the same campaign.  Well we don’t buy that for a second.  Why choose either/or when you can have both?  After all, your company’s online presence, whether large or small, will directly correlate to the number of conversions you receive.  The larger your online footprint, the greater chance you have to be found by prospective patients.  PPC and SEO ensure that your company has both a short term and a long term online presence.  Used together they can dramatically increase conversions, increasing ROI at the same time.  What’s not to like about that?