The Rules of Internal Marketing Call-To-Action Statements

The Rules of Internal Marketing Call-To-Action Statements

Don’t forget about your current patients when writing your call-to-action-statements.

When you decided to become a dentist, you probably didn’t think you’d also be a salesperson. But the truth is, dental internal marketing is nothing more than upselling.  It’s all about trying to persuade your current patients to invest in MORE dentistry services from you, beyond recall hygiene appointments. Additionally, the best internal marketing also strengthens your patient retention and increases your referrals.  Moral of the story?  Internal marketing is very important in growing your practice.

Traditional internal marketing can range anywhere from a monthly newsletter sent to current patients who’ve opted in…to quarterly mailers reminding them that your dental services reach far beyond cleanings and routine fillings. Retaining your current patient base takes consistent nurturing and communication, but persuading them to invest in elective dental services requires even more attention.  If you want more referrals, more appointments and stronger patient relationships, you have to speak to your current patients on your online platforms too.

Your online internal marketing is all about deciding what you want current patients to do on your website, your social media profiles and other online entities. Here are some rules of internal marketing call-to-action (CTA) statements that can help upsell AND retain current patients:

Rule #1 – Get Personal

In order for your current patients to spend more money on elective dental procedures and treatments, you have to give them specifics.  You can’t say “call for more information about dental implants” or “veneers are awesome!”   Instead, tell them what a specific service will do for them and give them a reason to book that appointment right now.  How do you do that?  With an exclusive, complimentary offer, of course.  Here’s an example of a personal and specific CTA:

“If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of teeth whitening, call us today for a complimentary consultation about porcelain veneers.  They’ll give you the bright white, perfectly aligned smile you want in usually just two appointments. Current patients will receive a $50 VISA gift card if they book their consultation in September! Click here to book your appointment.”

Rule #2 – Motivate them to Refer Online

Is a personal referral from a current patient worth more than any ad you ever run soliciting new patients?  Yes, it absolutely is; so remind your current patients to refer in person at your office AND on your website and social media networks.  The key to any good dental referral program is a little motivation; you need to give your patients a reason to refer their friends and family to your dental practice.  You don’t have to lavish them with expensive gifts or gift cards; in fact, it’s a good idea to offer your current patients something that gets them coming back into your office for another dental treatment.  The more services you can give them, the more opportunities your practice staff has to engage.  Here is a great CTA statement you can use to do this:

“Our favorite patients are the ones sent by YOU!  When our current patients refer a new patient, you both receive a complimentary teeth whitening treatment. So, which friend would you like to send our way today? Click here to book your appointments.”

Rule #3 – Remind them of your Services

Let’s face it, some of your current patients don’t pay attention to any sort of marketing you do.  They’re busy and are usually pretty proud of themselves for keeping their bi-yearly hygiene appointment without rescheduling five times. We’ve all been there; it’s just the hustle and bustle of daily life.  So, don’t assume they know you offer more than routine cleanings and cavity fillings; tell them every chance you get.  This includes call-to-action statements on your website and social media posts.  Here’s an idea for a CTA statement:

“Yes! We do more than routine teeth cleanings! In fact, our passion is crafting beautiful smiles with custom veneers, Invisalign and teeth whitening.  At your next appointment, book a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation and get 5% off your services. OR click here and book your consultation today for 10% off your services.” 

Obviously, any call-to-action statement should fit your marketing budget and you should only offer incentives that you are comfortable with. The idea is that you should consistently make your current patients feel special and unique, more than a new patient that books a first appointment with you.  We’ve seen great incentives do wonders for your call-to-action statements.  By following these three simple rules, you can be sure to retain and grow your current patient base.

Our online marketing team can help you set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts for marketing purposes, and with a Bullseye website we can update it for any current promotions available to new or existing patients.  If you’d like more information about call-to-action statements in your online entities, contact our experienced marketing team today.