There are several advantages to PPC


You get instant feedback on the effectiveness and can adjust your campaigns in real-time.


You control how much you pay for each click, when & where your ad appears and the page the consumer sees when they click your ad.


You start getting visitors to your landing page as soon as the campaign starts.


In addition to targeting the services you want to promote, you also determine the geographic areas where your ads are displayed.


No more guessing if anyone saw your ad; you know which of your ads are getting clicked, how often and how many of those visitors are taking the desired action (ie. calling to schedule an appointment).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Online advertising, when executed properly, is an effective, trackable new patient generation strategy

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your website.  While there are several online advertising options (Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.), the largest PPC platform is Google’s Adwords network.

Here’s how it works – When someone searches for the services you are targeting, your ad is displayed in the “Ads” section of the search results page. You do not pay for your ad being displayed, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to be taken to your website (or ideally your custom landing page).

Discover if PPC is a good fit for your goals and market area by requesting a complimentary Dental Marketing X-Ray.

Support long-term online marketing

PPC can be a long-term internet marketing strategy, or implemented at the beginning of your web marketing campaign to deliver additional website visitors while your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign matures.

Unlike traditional non-targeted advertising (magazines, newspapers, radio, etc), PPC advertising is effective because it delivers your ads to consumers who are actively searching for dental services at the exact moment they are looking for a dentist.

We’ll manage every aspect of your campaign

While the concept of PPC is simple, that doesn’t mean it is easy. To enjoy success with your PPC campaign you need competitive research, continuous keyword management, refinement of ad copy and placement, ongoing bid management, landing page conversion testing and proper tracking.

PPC can be a stand-alone marketing strategy, but it works best when performed in conjunction with organic SEO. Bullseye Media’s experts will ensure your campaign is optimized for maximum return on investment.

Call us at (800) 506-9817 to discuss your needs and together we can determine if PPC is a viable strategy for promoting your dental practice.

Here’s how the process works

  • You determine how much you want to invest in the clicks each month & what procedures you want to promote
  • We develop a list of targeted keyword phrases that emphasize your most profitable procedures
  • We design a customized landing page for each of your targeted procedures / offers
  • We write ads that will motivate consumers to click on them
  • Your ads appear in the sponsored section of the major search engines
  • Consumers click your ads and are taken to your landing page
  • We continually test key components of the landing page to maximize conversions
  • The prospective patients call to schedule an appointment
  • Our call tracking system notes and records the call (no more relying on your front desk to ask how the caller heard about you)

What some of our clients have said

Bullseye is a great team to work with! My website looks amazing and my PPC/Facebook advertising campaign has really started to bring the patients in the door. In my first year of advertising, I have generated more than 5 times my ​G​oogle spend in production and 10 times my Facebook spend.

Their approach to marketing by going after new patient generation has made the difference for me. The whole team is very helpful and responsive and they’ve always been honest, upfront, and given me great recommendations.

I appreciate all of their hard work and I look forward to working with Bullseye Media in the years to come.

Ashley Coerver, DDS
Owner, Crosspointe Dental

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