Tips For Keeping Your Dental Blog Interesting

Tips For Keeping Your Dental Blog Interesting

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Is your dental blog interesting? Or could it use a little “spicing up?”

For some time now, dentists and dental specialists have heard that their website must have a blog.  If you are on a beginner’s level of Internet savvy, you might have thought, “A blog?  What’s a blog?”  – or – if you have a more nuanced sense of the online world, you probably thought, “A blog?  How in the world would I make a dental blog interesting?”  Never mind actually finding the time to write, edit, post and optimize articles on a consistent basis.

We understand.  As online dental marketing specialists, the thought of a well-written and optimized dental blog is exciting.  But to you, the dentist, it is just one more item on your never-ending to-do list.

Believe it or not, a blog plays a fairly important role in online marketing, beyond just making your website dynamic.  Here are a few things a great dental blog can do for you and your practice:

  • Contribute to your Google Rankings – As we previously wrote about, a helpful, well-written dental blog that is updated regularly will contribute to your website’s ranking in a Google search.  Why? Google values fresh content and their new Hummingbird algorithm update (ie – the mathematical way the search engine chooses which webpages to display and answer the questions people ask it) is beginning to favor articles and webpages that answer specific questions rather than simply match keywords. For dentists, this means Google will begin to return blog articles over your website’s home page to your potential patients’ searches.
  • Give you Sharable Content – If your practice has social media profiles (and it should), your dental blog articles give you great pieces of content that can be shared across social media newsfeeds and timelines. Additionally, has reported that Facebook will now favor and show more quality news and articles in its user’s newsfeeds, opposed to viral memes and images.  TIP:  To increase the likelihood of your content being shared on social media, connect it with what’s happening in your city.  If a dental-related news story hits your community, take advantage of it.  For example, if a star hockey player gets his teeth knocked out in last night’s game, post a blog linked to the news article and then write a short summary of how you would fix it.
  • Provide Potential Patients with Great Information – What do people do when they are trying to decide which dentist to book an appointment with?  They research them online!  A blog with diverse information about the services your practice offers gives you an added voice and increased credibility over your competitors who may only have service pages on their website.

Clearly, a dental website and your online marketing are at their best when they feature a dental blog.  But back to our original question, how do you make a dental blog interesting?  To gain the online marketing benefits a good blog offers, you must be writing something that people will actually read, share and find informative.  While the clinical information about the benefits of dental implants, veneers and dental hygiene may seem fascinating to you, it may not necessarily be something that your patients want to read about. But it doesn’t have to be this way!  An interesting dental blog is easy to achieve if you follow these simple rules:

1. Answer your patient’s questions – The reason a patient or potential patient will visit your website is to find the information they need- whether they’re in the exploratory “gathering information” phase or if they need to know how to book an appointment.  So give them what they want! Your blog should feature articles that answer questions people are usually looking for when they are researching a dentist. Additionally, always include a call-to-action about how to book an appointment at the end of each article.

2. It’s all in the title – The title of your blog articles are perhaps the most important piece in this whole thing.  Our content managers spend a good chunk of their time developing, refining and deciding which titles will entice a potential patient to read a dental blog article. Make your titles interesting and eye-catching.  TIP: To appeal to Google’s new search algorithm, use a question as the title of your article, like, “What happens to my gums as I age?” or “At what age should I remove my wisdom teeth?” instead of titles like “Your Aging Gums” or “Wisdom Teeth Removal.” Always be thinking what people will type into a Google search when titling your articles.

3. Write for your patients, not yourself – Finally, write for the lay person.  And by lay person, we mean your potential patients who have no dental background whatsoever.  Your blogs should be an equal balance of your clinical expertise and informal conversation.  A good dental blog isn’t overloaded with too much dental information, but isn’t entirely off the topic of dental subjects.   Make sure your blog does a little of everything in a way that would appeal to someone without a dental background.

To get you started, here are five excellent article topics that will keep any dental blog interesting and informative:

  • Which is better – a manual or electric toothbrush?
  • The Top Five Foods and Beverages That Cause Cavities
  • How Should I Prepare My Toddler for Their First Dental Visit?
  • I’ve lost a tooth.  What will happen if I don’t replace it with an implant?
  • Can my child still play sports with braces?

At Bullseye Media, we work with a team of professional writers with dental backgrounds. If the idea of a dental blog appeals to you, but like most dentists, you don’t have the time for it, contact our team today to learn how we can help.