Dental website visitors first want to meet the Dentist

Dental website visitors first want to meet the Dentist

Does your dental website have curb appeal?

Once a website is designed, launched and optimized,  it becomes just like a house on the market.  (Big “Open House” sign on the front lawn included.)  But unlike Open Houses where owners and realtors show the house to prospective buyers during limited showings, a website is open 24/7 and the prospective buyers are perusing your site unattended.  It’s like having having a visitor walk around your house while you’re gone, looking at whatever and wherever might suit their fancy. A little spooky, I know.  What would a visitor to your home look at?  What rooms would they look in?  Would they like the wall color? Would they like the layout?  Which room would be most popular? Or would they walk into the front entryway and promptly march back outside?

For websites that have Google Analytics installed, the “Home Owners” are able to track just how visitors move through their website using a reporting feature of Analytics called “Visitor Flow.” Visitor Flow behaves like a security camera and tracks and records visitor interest and movement.  Visitor Flow answers questions like: What links do people click on when they land on my homepage?  What page on my site is most popular?  Is anyone reading my blog?  What do they do after they read an article?

All of the websites maintained by Bullseye Media, have Analytics installed and we regularly track visitor movement and interest.  After a recent comparison of the statistics of some of our client sites using Visitor Flow reporting, an surprising trend emerged: visitors first want to know their dentist.
dental website optimization flow

Visitors are most interested in the dentist and their practice.

That’s right, the first priority of dental website visitors is to check out the dentist. They are not as interested in the procedures and services as they are in the person administering the services.  Statistically, visitors will seek out pages like About Us, Meet the Dentist, About the Practice or Meet the Staff before they will venture to other case-related pages.  While the graphic above may be difficult to decipher, the pages visited are clearly seen:  Our Doctors, Our Team and Contact Us.

Knowing this, here are seven ways to dramatically improve “About Us” and “Meet the Dentist” pages.

1. Go beyond professional accomplishments.  Degrees, accolades and experience provide a solid foundation for trust but make for dry reading.  Tell the reader why they will enjoy having you as their dentist, surgeon or orthodontist.

2. Update your personal photos. If the only photo on your “Meet the Doctor” page is a portrait from 15 years ago, the reader may perceive that you too are outdated.  Instead, use two or three contemporary, relaxed photos.

3. Better yet, include a video of the dentists in your practice. Creating casual, interview-style videos is simple and these videos establish rapport with your clients.

4. Add clear photos of your practice.  Highlight the best parts or your facility.  Visitors should be able to visualize an experience from the front door to the waiting room to the operatory.

5. Introduce your team and include photos of them, too.

6. Include one or two concise, personal testimonials about the dentist and provide links to the sources. i.e., Google Places or Yelp!.

7. Include a call to action.  Invite the reader to call you for an appointment and provide a link to the Contact Us page.

Contact Us is King

Perhaps you noticed on the Visitor Flow graphic above that the Contact Us page was the most visited page (after the Home page.)  The websites of healthy, thriving practices have high visitor traffic to their contact page.  This is where most visitors find practice addresses, phone numbers, directions, email addresses, maps and forms. Sparsely populated Contact Us pages give the same impression as neglected, impersonal Meet the Dentist pages: the practice is inaccessible and unapproachable.

Have a look at your Contact Us page:
  • Does it have a clear address listing with directions?
  • Does it have a map?
  •  Is the phone number prominent?
  • Does the page have a contact form or email address?
  • Can you be reached via Facebook or Twitter?
  • Lastly, does your Contact page include a noticeable call to action? Call Today!

Knowing which pages visitors find important is invaluable information.  And in the way you prepare for an Open House, be willing to make an impact with a facelift and a fresh look on those popular pages.