2021: Bullseye Media Year-in-Review

Bullseye Media's Year-in-Review 2021

We’re at the end of 2021. What. A. Year.

Since I purchased Bullseye Media in late 2020, it’s been a year of growth. We’ve grown our team: adding even more expertise in SEO, content, data analytics, and more. More new clients are coming on board than ever before. And we’ve taken our client offerings to the next level. 

Last December, I promised you that your success is our success. With that goal in mind, here are some of the feathers in our cap (and our clients’ caps!) from 2021. 

Server Upgrades

Server improvements = website performance improvements. This year, our operations team worked hard to improve the servers and technology we use to host sites. Upgrades included:

  • Enhanced CDN to accelerate load speeds
  • Updated Firewall to block the most common website attacks, including SQL Injection and Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Advanced DDoS mitigation to protect against volumetric attacks
  • Improved SSL/TLS encryption, resulting in faster response times and enhanced end-to-end site encryption

The bottom line: Bullseye Media clients’ sites gained even more security and faster load times (up to 20–30%!), which means better user experience and improved SEO.

Google Ads Certifications

Google is the lifeblood of digital marketing: whether serving ads, managing Google My Business, or improving search results, the people managing your practice’s presence on Google need to be experts.

All Bullseye Media employees are Google Ads certified.This professional accreditation is awarded to individuals who can demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. It also demonstrates that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

Review Management

This year, we upped our review management game. Our new system seamlessly integrates with our clients’ practice management software, making it easier than ever to get more reviews, increase overall star rating, be alerted to reviews that need a response, and showcase the stellar reviews on your site.

Bullseye Media clients who use our Review Management System received an average of 4.8 stars in the last quarter. After coming on board with reputation management, clients have seen overall star ratings increase and as much as 258% percent increase in the number of reviews.

New Bullseye Media Site

We’re firm believers in practicing what you preach. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk. To that end, this fall we launched the all-new Bullseye Media website: onlinedentalmarketing.com. This new site is more than a simple reskin. It now reflects a better picture of who we are as an agency and how we help our clients. If you haven’t poked around our site in a while, may we humbly encourage you to do so? 

Improved Data and Analytics

We saw big gains this year for clients across the board in terms of overall campaign performance, attributable to improved reporting with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation. This has provided even more accurate and granular data on site traffic and goal completions. We’ve also increased our focus on page load time for SEO, largely driven by improvements in hosting and our content delivery network (CDN).

Mobile-First Website Design & AMP

We, ourselves, do most of our appointment booking on our phones or other mobile devices. And we know your patients do the same. With that in mind, we’ve implemented mobile-first web design as a standard. Afterall, if your site isn’t easy to read and navigate, those potential patients are going to bounce. Additionally, clients signed up for blogs automatically receive AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages) versions of their blogs, boosting their return on mobile viewing. One client’s blog posts load 94% faster on mobile with AMP. Better mobile viewing is good for you and good for your mobile web traffic.

Tickets / Support

While we pride ourselves on always being available to clients on the phone, we know not everyone wants to make a call to request a website change or other support issue. This year, we launched our Support Ticket System, which allows clients to request support for just about anything without having to pick up the phone. Best of all, you can track the status of your request with regular email updates in your support in one place—from request confirmation to ticket completion.

What’s Next?

We’ve tackled a lot in 2021 and helped our clients reach some impressive goals and milestones. But, we’re just getting started. We’ve got even bigger plans in store for 2022.

Just like you want loyal patients, we want loyal clients and to be the specialist you turn to for expertise and quality care in dental marketing. We’ll be here supporting and cheering our clients on as, together, we reach even greater heights in the coming year. Onward!

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