Success Stories

We value feedback from our clients.

An important part of our growth in this dynamic industry is our clients’ feedback.

Here are some kind words from some of our clients and a brief introduction to their unique situations.

Redefining an established brand and building a new identity

Dr. Kozlow came to Bullseye Media in 2012 looking to build his online presence, not only as an established dentist in a large metroplex, but also as an advanced and holistic dentistry practice. While working with us, Dr. Kozlow has steadily built on his previous success and now is one of the most sought after specialists in the area.

“I talked to several of my colleagues, the name that kept coming up was Bullseye Media, I interviewed them along with several others and they won hands down.

Since we’ve been with them, the hits we’ve had on our website have gone up about 800%, our new patient numbers are way up and of the patients that we see, about 70-75% convert to treatment, so I’m very happy.

I would highly recommend them.”

– Dr. Philip R. Kozlow, General Dentist

A Trusting Partnership Built Over Time

John Huriega, DDS became a Bullseye client in 2011. Over the next several years his practice grew, as did his trust level with Bullseye. When it came time for a website redesign, Dr. Huriega wanted to be sure Bullseye was still the best partner for him. He did his due diligence by talking to other practices and interviewing several marketing companies. After nearly a year-long search, Dr. Huriega concluded that no other company could offer him the customer service, value, and results that Bullseye provides.

“I trust Bullseye. Over all these years I have trusted them. If I call today, I get an answer. If I text or email today I get an answer within 30 minutes or so. It’s been great.”

– Dr. John Huriega, General Dentist

Flexible marketing strategies for growing, new practices

Dr. Ashley Coerver came to Bullseye in the Summer of 2015. She needed a new website and a marketing strategy for her new practice. We built her a new WordPress website and optimized it for the search engines. Today, Dr. Coerver has a strong presence in her city and website traffic only continues to increase.

In December 2015, Dr. Coerver added digital advertising to her online marketing. This dramatically boosted her traffic, conversions and new patient flow. Dr. Coever told us, in hindsight, she would have jumped into digital advertising from the beginning if she had known what a difference to her production and new patient numbers it would make.

Here is what Dr. Coerver has to say recently about Bullseye Media:

“Bullseye is a great team to work with! My website looks amazing and my PPC/Facebook advertising campaign has really started to bring the patients in the door. In my first year of advertising, I have generated more than 5 times my Google spend in production and 10 times my Facebook spend. Their approach to marketing by going after new patient generation has made the difference for me.

The whole team is very helpful and responsive and they’ve always been honest, upfront, and given me great recommendations.  I appreciate all of their hard work and I look forward to working with Bullseye Media in the years to come.”

– Dr. Ashley Coerver, General Dentist


Implementing one-of-a-kind online advertising strategies

“Hi, I’m Dr. Ben Banks. I read a column in a local magazine by Bullseye Media and I decided, “I’ve got to meet these people.” So at the Southwest Dental Conference, I went to their booth and I talked to [their representative] and decided that they are the people to help me. They have setup my website and they have been very helpful on the marketing side and helping me get the video[s] put together.

I’ve been very pleased with what they have done for me and I recommend them highly.”

– Dr. Ben Banks, General Dentist

Growing and attracting the right types of patients

“If you think you have room to grow and you want to grow and attract the right kinds of patients for your practice, then you need to get on board with a company like Bullseye that can guide you and direct you, fit the marketing to the personality of your practice, and make you even better than who you think you are.”

– Dr. Paul Lounsberry, General Dentist