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Don’t miss another patient call

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Just two missed phone calls each week can equate to 104 potential lost sales—or in your case, 104 potential lost patients—per year. What if your office had a system in place that ensured you never missed another call?
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In response to patients’ overwhelming preference for text communication, we introduced our HIPAA-compliant patient messaging service last week.

Part of our reputation management system, the patient messaging service allows you to respond to calls without actually picking up the phone. Voicemails are delivered to a centralized inbox so you can quickly review the audio recording or written transcript. From there, you can text the caller back.

Why text? We’re glad you asked. Here are four compelling reasons:

1. Texting is effective.
Texting is considerably more effective than other communication methods. Let’s look at the data:
2) Texting is a game changer for the patient experience.

Texting is the new standard for quick and easy communication. According to Twilio, 89% of people prefer to communicate with businesses via text.

Texting can also help alleviate patient anxiety. Fear of dentists (dentophobia or odontophobia) is common, and experience has shown that it is easier for adults who struggle with this fear to engage with your office via text message, versus picking up the phone.

3) Texting complements your existing communication.

Our text-first messaging service complements your existing communication methods and systems. No need to rip and replace (or smash) your old tech.

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We’ll help you integrate the patient messaging service into your current communications setup, and we’ll even show you how it can be used in tandem with our online review service.

4) Texting helps you get more online reviews.

Text messaging and online reviews go hand-in-hand.

Patients are three times more likely to submit an online review when asked via text message vs. email. This means that, by sending a text request, you’re three times more likely to increase your patient reviews across popular sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. This helps you rank better on search engines, where more new patients can find you.

So, texting + online reviews = faster growth.

Texting also helps you manage your existing reviews. With our services, you can easily send a text to thank a patient for their review or follow up on their feedback. Responding to online reviews—both publicly and privately—goes a long way in building your reputation.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you implement a text-first communications strategy that will increase your effectiveness, boost your reputation, and help your practice grow faster.

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