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How do you thank a patient who referred you?

How do you thank a patient who referred you

I frequently hear from our Drs.,“I always ask a new patient, ‘How’d you hear about us’”.

The Drs. always want to know what’s working in terms of their advertising – which is a very smart thing to ask!  However, I’ve never thought to ask this follow-up question, but I’m going to start,

What do you do for those patients who refer you?”

They should do something, because let’s be honest about referrals:

It feels great and costs you nothing, so it’s probably worth reaching out to those patients with a thank you.  An email, card, or phone call to say, “Thank you so much for the referral.  It means so much to me”.  I’d be curious to know how you thank a patient for a referral. Send me an email with your method of follow-up and I’ll share best practices in a future post.

Our business has grown substantially in 2022, and our #1 source for new clients is referrals. 

It makes me immensely proud to write that.

When a client refers us and/or gives us a glowing review, a mere ‘Thank You’ doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s a start.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve these clients and are grateful for their recent referrals and reviews: 

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