Online Reviews in Dental Marketing
(aka SEO Catnip)

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75% of businesses don’t respond to their online reviews. This is a huge missed opportunity.

You know. We know. Consumers know. Referrals know. And future patients ALL know. Online reviews are key. They’re key to getting people to your site and then getting them in your door.


of customers consult reviews.


of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Why reviews matter for online dental marketing

Google treats online reviews as organic content. This means the more reviews you have, the happier Google is with your site, thus bumping your search ranking.

Equally interesting: Google factors in your response time in addition to the actual content of the review–whether positive or negative. You get more organic SEO credit for timely responses.

Reviews help your practice stand out. Consumers consult online reviews before commiting to a product or service, and a majority will only buy from businesses with a 4-star rating or higher. Studies also show that potential consumers (your future patients) want to see 40 online reviews before considering a product or service, regardless of the star rating.

Leveraging positive, authentic reviews is a boon to your business. Featuring patient testimonials on your website helps solidify your reputation and get more patients in your chairs.

The takeaway—Protect your practice’s reputation

Be engaged. That’s really the main takeaway. You need to be engaged with your online review activity.

  1. Encourage your patients to leave reviews online—The best time to get a review is soon after an appointment, while it’s top-of-mind for your patients.
  2. Respond quickly and in a HIPAA-compliant way—HIPAA privacy policy prevents you from revealing certain information about your patients (including even acknowledging them online as a patient), so make sure you’re familiar with all the restrictions.
  3. Display positive reviews as testimonials on your website—Get those positive reviews on your site in a prominent place so future patients can easily see them.

This sounds simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy. Managing your practice’s online reputation effectively can be time consuming.

Dental marketing reputation management

Bullseye Media offers reputation management to help you become your town’s favorite dental practice. This service allows you to:

Collect reviews automatically*

Send review requests to your patients automatically via email and text. It’s simple, and it works!

See your reviews in one place

On your dashboard, you can read and respond to your reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and many other relevant sites.

Share your reviews

Collecting authentic reviews is only half of the equation. We will also display them on your website for potential patients to see.*Our reputation management system works with most practice management systems to collect reviews: ABELDent, Axxium VisionR, CareStack, Carestream Dental, ClearDent, Cloud9Ortho, Curve Dental, DentalVision Enterprise, Dentech, DentiMax, Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, Dentrix Enterprise, Dolphin Management, Domtrak, Dovetail, Dox Pedo, DSN OMS, DSN-Dental, DSN-Perio, Eaglesoft, Easy Dental, EndoVision, Genesis, iDentalSoft, LiveDDM, Maxident, MediaDent, Mogo, OCS-Office Partner, OMSVision, Open Dental, Opes, Ortho2 Edge Cloud, OrthoTrac, PBS Endo, PerioVision, Planet DDS (Denticon), Power Practice Pro, Practice-Web, PracticeWorks, Private Practice Software, QSIDental Web, SoftDent, Software of Excellence, SuzyDental, Total Dental, Tracker, WinDent, WinDentSQL, WinOMS, XLDent. Due to ongoing development, this list changes frequently. If your project management system is not displayed above, please contact us to see if it has been added.

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