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Snoopy Dance, April: Oklahoma Dental Foundation

The Snoopy Dance, in my opinion, is the greatest expression of joy.  I mean look at him!

Snoopy Happy Dance

So in 2023, I’m going to blog each month about a client who made me ‘Snoopy Dance’ – one who made me stand up and ‘Wahoo!!’ while jumping around a bit like a fish outta water.

April Snoopy Dance – Oklahoma Dental Foundation

“Honestly, we didn’t want to like you”, the client said at the end of our presentation. I laughed out loud.

As it turns out, a dental consultant we know and admire sits on the Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF) Board, and when they needed a new member portal and website, she referred them to us. The staff admitted they only took our call because a Board member suggested it.

They didn’t want to like us. 😂

We, on the other hand, liked them immediately. Not only is the staff at the ODF professional, dedicated and extremely respectful, they are doing amazing work. They are providing free dental care to those in need across the state. Their Mobile Smiles and Mission of Mercy events provide dental care to thousands in the state annually. It is truly a fantastic organization doing meaningful work. And their staff is remarkable – knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.

In addition to their mission work, they provide countless hours of continuing education for dental professionals across the state. Their site has a complex registration and payment portal. Our teams worked hand-in-hand to make it as user-friendly and efficient as possible for their constituents.

Doing work that helps those in need, and working with an amazing team, makes me do the Snoopy Dance. Even though they didn’t want to like us at first, they do now and have been graciously complimentary of our team and our work. And we of theirs!

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