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Bullseye Media CEO to address the Speaking Consultant Network on selecting a dental consultant


Company releases white paper with tips for getting the best results from a dental consultant

NASHVILLE, TN June 15, 2023

Bullseye Media, the leading digital marketing agency for dentists, announces that Bullseye CEO Ernie Cote will be featured in Spotlight on Speaking, sponsored by the Speaking Consultant Network (SCN). The event will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on June 16, 2023.

The title of Cote’s presentation is “Can You Recommend a Dental Consultant?”. Drawing from lessons learned while interviewing a dozen dental consultants for a recent Bullseye Media white paper titled “What to Look for in a Dental Consultant”, Cote will share three important takes aways:

First, he will emphasize the importance of the dentist’s long term vision for their practice and the dental consultants role in its formation. Second, he will cover the fastest, easiest way to help a dentist ensure their vision becomes reality, on a budget – a quick calculation that should drive every marketing budget decision. Finally, Cote will discuss the benefits of a new movement in dental marketing: a real-time, collaborative and consultant-led process for quickly and effectively getting the right patients in the practice door.

“It’s an honor to be chosen to present to this gathering of the top experts in the dental marketing field,” said Cote. “The Speaking Consultant Network is known for presenting top-notch speakers and presentations. This topic is near and dear to my heart, having recently written a white paper on the subject of important traits to look for in a dental consultant, and what to avoid.”

The paper offers practical tips to get the most out of your relationship with your dental consultant, whether you are starting your practice or running a mature operation.

To download the white paper, click here.

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