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Bullseye Media LLC Unveils Stellar Year Over Year Traffic and Conversion Statistics for Dental Clients

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Bullseye Media LLC Unveils Stellar Year Over Year Traffic and Conversion Statistics for Dental Clients

DALLAS, March 10, 2023

Bullseye Media LLC announces impressive year over year increases when comparing paid and organic traffic and conversions in 2022 vs. 2021. Here are the statistics:

Explains Bullseye CEO Ernie Cote, “The 7x increase in paid conversions is due to Bullseye’s increased emphasis on conversions for paid traffic and refocus on data-driven performance, which has led to increased bottom line results for many of our paid search clients. They are paying less per lead and seeing increased ROI overall.”

Bullseye has also redoubled efforts with organic search engine optimization (SEO), and it is paying off in both on- and off-page optimization, producing a 32% increase in organic traffic, a 5x increase in organic conversions and a healthy increase in ROI for dental clients.

Cote says, “After analyzing our SEO processes, we made improvements that increased traffic and conversions for SEO clients. We shifted focus from overall SEO results to a more specific local focus, which was a game changer. This enabled us to drive more neighborhood traffic to local dentist offices.”

“The entire Bullseye team is Google certified, and it’s this emphasis on team knowledge that enables us to continue to drive down cost of conversion while driving up conversion volume. I encourage any dental practice that would like to improve its return on digital marketing investment to contact Bullseye to discuss how we can optimize their marketing spend and achieve increased ROI.”

About Bullseye Media
Bullseye Media, LLC provides highly targeted marketing for practitioners within the dental industry. The Bullseye Media team has helped over 375 dental practices sell services and acquire new patients through digital marketing and reputation management. Based in North Texas, Bullseye Media serves clients across the world, helping them achieve their branding and practice growth goals. For more information, please visit https://onlinedentalmarketing.com/. ###
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