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Recent Report Shows Long-term Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Report

A recent report shows the long term impact of sleep apnea, including an increased rate of dementia. I’m not scared of much, including death. My two great fears are something happening to my children and getting dementia. So after reading this study, I’m so happy that I’m being treated with an oral appliance for my […]

My ProSomnus Device is Too Legit to Quit

thumbs down I'm a cpap fail. But it led me to DSM success!

My ProSomnus Device is Too Legit to Quit And other MC Hammer lessons from the 2022 North American Dental Sleep Symposium I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year, and I’m what the insurance company calls a CPAP fail. Meaning it was prescribed, and I hated it. (If you ever want to look as unattractive […]

Is your front office staff thwarting
your marketing efforts?

Well trained front office

It just doesn’t make sense. You invest in proven sleep apnea treatment keywords to drive prospective patients to your website, but you’re not seeing the expected uptick in new patients from these efforts. Your front office staff may unwittingly be to blame. Keywords like “CPAP alternative” have demonstrated success in getting patients to reach out […]