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In my time at Bullseye Media this is the one lesson I have been reminded of more often than anything else: Dentists are not marketers.  There, I said it. I do not mean this as a put-down or to be derisive, it’s just fact. (Hopefully you haven’t stopped reading yet.) You went to dental school […]

How Not to Get Swindled by your Agency

How Not to Get Swindled by your Agency

I’m a liar. I’m sorry. I wrote an article on the 6 Questions Every Dentist Should Ask Their Digital Agency and I just learned that there is another; a seventh, really, really, (really!) important question to ask: Is this the entire agreement, including ALL Terms and Conditions? Here’s why. It has become common practice for […]

The Formula for New Dental Patients: CPA + CPL = $$$

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When I explained this formula during my keynote at the North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium earlier this year, I got some funny looks from the audience. They were some of the same looks my dog gives me when I talk to her about math: “Dad, please stop with this “cost per acquisition” nonsense.” –Stitch […]

6 Questions Every Dentist Should Ask Their Digital Agency

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6 Questions Every Dentist Should Ask Their Digital Agency, According to a Skeptical Doctor at the SSC Symposium I attended the 2022 Seattle Study Club Symposium last week, where one of the organization’s esteemed dental practitioners addressed the crowd and called me out as a jerk. Ok, he did not literally call me a jerk, […]

Is Your Website Ready for 2022?

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The technology train, or maybe it’s a rocket, is zooming along. And it’s taking all of us with it. Think how far technology has come in just the last few years: grocery delivery is commonplace, you can watch just about anything you want at the push of a button on your smart TV/Roku/AppleTV, and you […]

2021: Bullseye Media Year-in-Review

Bullseye Media's Year-in-Review 2021

We’re at the end of 2021. What. A. Year. Since I purchased Bullseye Media in late 2020, it’s been a year of growth. We’ve grown our team: adding even more expertise in SEO, content, data analytics, and more. More new clients are coming on board than ever before. And we’ve taken our client offerings to […]

Three New Year’s Resolutions Every Dental Practice Should Make

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Ernie Cote, Bullseye Media’s Owner and CEO, discusses the three simple resolutions you can make for 2022 that will improve your online ranking in the latest issue of North Texas Dentistry. Take a look. Set aside 30 minutes each week to vastly improve your online ranking Jonathan Albert, psychotherapist and author of Be Fearless; Change […]

Dental Practices Enjoyed 33% Increase in Inquires from New Patients Online in 2020

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Despite COVID-Related Decreases, Bullseye Media Clients Made More New Patient Appointments (Dallas, Texas – January 14, 2021) Dental Practices partnering with Bullseye Media, LLC in 2020 enjoyed a year-over-year increase in online new patients inquiries and appointments of 33%, despite patient volume in private practices being only 78% of Pre-COVID levels (American Dental Association & […]

Bullseye Media: A New Chapter in Dental Marketing

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Bullseye Media is moving into a new chapter. This agency has done great work since its founding in 2006. As the new CEO and owner, I have big plans for the future. I can’t wait to take you along for the ride! A little about me When your dental marketing agency changes hands, it’s normal […]