6 Elements that Should Appear on Every Dental Practice’s Home Page

6 Home Page Elements

Did you know that your website has approximately seven seconds to engage a visitor? Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Prospective patients are impatient (see what I did there?) and will not spend time reading your entire website. Instead, they will scan your homepage to find what they are looking for before even thinking about visiting […]

What’s the Difference Between a Domain and a Website?

Domain vs Website

Domain, website, web hosting… There are a lot of terms in our online world that all mean the same thing, right? Wrong. These are all parts of a whole and understanding the difference between them is key to understanding how websites on the internet work and how people can find yours. Think of it Like […]

What Dentists Want to Change Most About Their Websites (and why they should!)

website changes

You just launched a brand new website for your practice. It’s finished! Or is it? No matter how up to date, content-rich, or technologically advanced your website, a website is never really “complete” for long. Why? Because if there’s one thing you can rely on in your practice, it’s change. And to keep your patients […]

Is Your Website a Yabba Dabba Doozie?

guy looking at a poorly designed website

The Flintstones, as its title song goes, were a “modern Stone Age family” on a show that juxtaposed the modern (at least for the 1960’s) with the Stone Age. As a child of the 1970’s, spending Saturday morning watching The Flintstones engage with dinosaur lawnmowers, foot-powered cars, or wooly mammoth showers was great fun. I […]