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Chat GPT — A Mindblowing New Chatbot

ChatGPT - Mindblowing New Chatbot

“Whoa. WTH?!?!?”, could be heard down the halls of the Google HQ this week. It’s reported that Mark Zuckerberg even threw his yoga mat across the room.

What caused the panic at Google? Chat Generative, Pretrained, Transformer or ChatGPT.

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, whose investors (with questionable experience in disruption) include Microsoft, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s charitable foundation, and Khosla Ventures. The frenzy drove headlines like:

What is this tech, we chuckled, that is breaking the internet? Well, we played with it and the chuckles turned to awe.

How do I put this? It’s like Siri and Alexa were from the Stone Age, Neanderthals who drooled and scratched themselves inappropriately.

Whereas you might get this with Siri:

With ChatGPT, you get Neil deGrasse Tyson’s brain with Tina Fey’s wit:
AI joke

OK, I don’t understand that either, but the nerds on our staff wept. So, it’s got to be good!

Also, no need for a teaching assistant to keep protesting low pay, they’re doomed:

And for our Doctoral audience:
heart disease

NET: This seems to be extremely disruptive tech.

We will stay on top of it and learn how we can turn this into more patients in your office, our single purpose.

Stay tuned.

CORRECTION: Turns out it was not a yoga mat, but rather a recyclable mug of kombucha that Mark Zuckerberg threw across the room today.

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