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Dental Practices Enjoyed 33% Increase in Inquires from New Patients Online in 2020

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Despite COVID-Related Decreases, Bullseye Media Clients Made More New Patient Appointments

(Dallas, Texas – January 14, 2021) Dental Practices partnering with Bullseye Media, LLC in 2020 enjoyed a year-over-year increase in online new patients inquiries and appointments of 33%, despite patient volume in private practices being only 78% of Pre-COVID levels (American Dental Association & Health Policy Institute December 2020 Polling Results).

As dental care practices across the country grappled with the pandemic, Bullseye Media clients saw a significant rise in their online inquiries and appointments from potential new patients from a combination of increased traffic and increased onsite conversations.

Through highly effective Organic and Paid Search Marketing and engaging Social Media campaigns, Bullseye Media drove new traffic to their clients’ websites. “Our team was extremely effective at driving new patients to our clients from within the magic ‘8 mile radius’”, said the company’s CEO, Ernie Cote. “Our proven methodology of converting highly targeted traffic from Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social channels is the first half of the equation. Next, and equally important, is converting that traffic into new patients.”

Bullseye’s proven methodology for converting traffic to potential new patients includes:

  • Data-driven, A/B tested designs created for conversions
  • In-house content created uniquely for each dental care practice
  • Engaging photography and custom video production
  • Efficient, easy-to-use forms for existing and new patients
  • Daily monitoring of patient forms (busy practices never miss a web inquiry)
  • Daily monitoring of onsite reviews and ratings

“We knew anecdotally that our approach works. A client this year asked us to stop permitting new patient requests on their site – they could not keep up with the demand!”, said Amy Miller, Strategic Marketing Manager at Bullseye Media. “It is absolutely rewarding to crunch the numbers at the end of year and realize our customers averaged a 33% increase in new patient online contact submissions, especially in a year like 2020. We are elated to share the good news with our clients as the dental industry is struggling to return to Pre-COVID patient volumes.”

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