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Dental Sleep

We are experts in helping both new and established dental sleep medicine (DSM) practices to grow and thrive. We have experience with over one hundred sleep doctors and have worked with luminaries in the field of DSM, including Dr. Gy Yatros, Dr. Richard Drake, Dr. John Tucker, and Dr. Mark Murphy.

Ernie Cote isn’t just a thought leader in the successful marketing of DSM, he also has sleep apnea. Ernie’s story: “I was napping on the couch when my daughter woke me up with a fright. ‘Dad, I thought you were dying, you were gasping for air’. I told her to record the next episode, which she did. I played it for my doctor, who immediately diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea. Dr. Gy Yatros fitted me for an appliance and my AHI dropped from 24 to 3, overnight!

Easier Diagnosis

Sleep apnea is a well-known medical ailment, but what the majority of the population don’t know is that dental sleep medicine (DSM) doctors offer a viable and often preferable alternative to CPAP devices. Sleep apnea can be a pain to diagnose going through traditional (non-dental) methods, but Bullseye has made it easier and more convenient for DSM doctors to reach potential patients with our virtual video consults, which save you valuable office time and keep chairs open for paying patients.

Build Awareness

It’s not enough to have a stellar website, even one that’s 100% devoted to DSM. You need to be driving potential patients to that awesome website on a continuous basis. You can make current patients aware of your offering by mining your database, sending emails to current and former patients, and have your hygienists screen for sleep apnea. Let us help.

Find New Prospects

Here’s where paid media like Google Ads and Facebook Ads come in. Bullseye can put together a paid media campaign within your local area to attract sleep apnea sufferers who are looking for answers. We can help with your social media, too, to get the word out about your sleep practice. It all drives traffic to your website where would-be patients can learn more about getting diagnosed and preferable alternatives to CPAP.


It can take years of networking with pulmonologists, primary care, and sleep doctors to build a valuable referral base. We can help you here as well, so talk to us about creating your vibrant referral network that brings you in a steady stream of new patients.

Automating Reviews

We can reach out to patients right after their appointment on your behalf to request a Google or Facebook review. When asked, satisfied patients are often happy to share their positive experience with others over the internet. The more online reviews you have, the more likely that new patients will choose your practice when searching online for a sleep specialist.