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Ernie Cote Presenting at SleepCon 2023

It’s September (hard to believe), which means that next month I’ll be presenting at SleepCon 2023 and there is a lot to be excited about!

  1. Let’s be honest, it’s in Cancun. Can’t beat that for a dental sleep medicine conference location.
  2. Margaritas (again, let’s be honest).
  3. I get to present to the SleepCon audience.
  4. And most exciting, Bullseye Media is releasing another White Paper on building a Dental Sleep Medicine practice.


See, a year ago, I spoke at the Dental Sleep Solutions Premier Summit in Tampa. The topic was the steps needed to grow a sleep practice. I shared with that audience what I’ve observed about dentists when building a general practice. Primarily, that they are ALL IN! After all, they have spent a decade in school preparing to open a practice, they have limitless energy, and what can feel like limitless debt. So they jump right in to the deep end of the pool!

A few decades later, they become intrigued with the patient benefits of Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) and the economics of it. But they can’t jump into the deep end of the DSM pool, because they are still serving all their general dentistry patients. So they dip a toe in the water – spend a little here, attend a conference there, all the while dreaming of becoming a full time DSM practitioner.

So, I spoke in Tampa on how to build a DSM practice in stages, and used the analogy of getting into shape. You don’t go from couch potato to marathon runner in a day. You make a commitment to take the stairs or get (slowly) on the treadmill. Over time, running a block becomes running a mile, which becomes 3 miles, and so on. Until you’re crossing the line of your first 5K, and then maybe a even a full marathon!

I outlined the dental sleep marketing steps (including costs and effort) to ‘Take the Stairs’, ‘Run a Mile’ and ‘Do a 5K’ in growing your sleep practice.

It was so well received, we wanted to expand on it and wrote it all down in a new white paper we will be releasing at SleepCon!

I’m excited to share it, and hopefully upon its release you’ll enjoy it over a margarita. I certainly will!

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