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Looking Back On 3 Years Of Success

This time 3 years ago my daughter was crushed to learn that the football season at her high school (her Senior year, no less) was canceled due to a dramatic increase in COVID cases since the kids had come back on campuses (per the CDC, from August to September, cases among students had jumped 55%).

You were struggling to bring your practices back to life and deal with massive COVID related staff shortages.

And I was at the bank closing on the purchase of Bullseye Media, absolutely overjoyed with excitement about what our team could bring to our clients, and honestly, a little scared out of mind to be signing my life away as COVID cases spiked, yet again.

And here we are. My daughter is thriving as a college Junior (seems there was no permanent psychological damage from a missed football season), your practice is very likely back to pre-COVID production, and the team at Bullseye is fulfilling my dream of delivering great service and solid results for our clients.

For those who don’t know the story, my business partners and some of the internal leadership at Bullseye (for example, Chris Meager) and I worked together at a different agency in the mid-2000s. The owners of that agency sold it, and we all went different directions. But I was profoundly changed as a leader by the experience.

We built an amazing team – we delivered great results for our clients and built life-long friendships along the way. So when I found Bullseye, I asked them to ‘bring the band back together’ and do it our way. Hire folks with matching values and skills, attract clients who we enjoy working with and deliver value to them month over month (in our world, more new patients each month).

As business owners yourselves, you know, ‘it ain’t easy being a business owner’. But you get to do things your way – hire staff you love, treat your clients how you’d like to be treated, and build a great culture. It doesn’t come from reading the right books or listening to the right TED talks, it’s trial and error all the way.

We continue to learn. We continue to work hard. We continue to be focused on delivering value month over month. And we continue to strive for a great culture – being a place where our team feels valued and enjoys their work.

Thank you for being our client, and we look forward to great things in year four and beyond!

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