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Rather than a generic “Mission Statement,” Bullseye Media embraces our Iconic Behaviors

Iconic Behavior

Years ago my friend Eve Mayer owned a company called Social Media Delivered and in their office were these mesmerizing icons on the wall – a unicorn and a flying witch, if memory serves (and mine serves me very poorly these days, so apologies, Eve, if I got the icons all wrong).

But it left an impression.  It was her mission statement; there was a story behind each image about their culture.  

Rather than opting for the standard, “Our Mission is to be the global leader in (blank) delivering outstanding (blank) to our (blank), (blank) and (blanks).  Our values are (blank, blank, blank and blank).  We firmly hold ourselves and our teammates to these highest standards…..which let’s be honest, we could not recall if our lives depended on it”, I stole her icon idea.

The Bulleye icons, which we call Iconic Behaviors are: 

I never had to even pause when asked about our values and how we strive to behave; it’s so easy, Mom, X Ray, Yogi and Glove.

Which brings me to the point: To live out our Glove iconic behavior we have recently donated to Smile Bangladesh to support the amazing work of our client, Dr. John Wallace.   Dr. Wallace makes the trip to Bangladesh annually to repair cleft lips and palates, a one-hour surgery that changes lives. 

We are also proud to support the work of the Oklahoma Dental Foundation and their annual Oklahoma Mission of Mercy.  ‘OK Mom’ as it’s known, has provided free dental care to over 17 million Oklahomans – this two day clinic meets the oral health needs of dental patients of all ages. February 3rd will be a Bullseye company holiday as we travel to this event and support this compassionate mission. 

I am proud of clients and partners who do this incredible work, as well as our employees willing to lift others up. 

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