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Snoopy Dance, January: Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry

The Snoopy Dance, in my opinion, is the greatest expression of joy.  I mean look at him!

Snoopy Happy Dance

So in 2023, I’m going to blog each month about a client who made me ‘Snoopy Dance’ – one who made me stand up and ‘Wahoo!!’ while jumping around a bit like a fish outta water.

January Snoopy Dance – Dr. Bulnes-Newton

Last fall I met Dr. Julie Bulnes-Newton at a Dental Sleep Medicine conference. I was on the agenda and she spoke right before me.  I speak a lot and don’t get nervous anymore, but I ain’t gonna lie.  Following her was intimidating.

She’s wicked smart and does not suffer fools.  Her Sleep Ops Manager and Right-Hand Queen, Jill Derry, was also in the audience.  Dr. Bulnes-Newton referred to Jill several times throughout her presentation.

During my presentation they were giving me what appeared to be the ‘stink eye’, but gratefully they were just listening (and it helped that I made them chuckle with my daughter’s imitation of my sleep apnea).  Long story short, they called me the next week.

Their website was a mess and they were stuck in a contract.  I was able to help them get out of the contract (not for selfish reasons, but because it was a mess!).  For example, their Google My Business had the wrong address and phone number and the link to make an appointment on their site was broken. I mean, it was like me at yoga – everything pointing in the wrong direction and looking like a hot mess.

We recently launched their new Sleep Better Tampa site, quickly followed by their general practice site, Westchase Esthetic Family Dentistry.

What prompted the Snoopy Dance today was the gracious review Jill left for us.

We are thrilled to help them grow their practice, and excited to work with great people. That’s what makes work fun and rewarding.  #SnoopyDance.

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