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Snoopy Dance, March: Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge

The Snoopy Dance, in my opinion, is the greatest expression of joy.  I mean look at him!

Snoopy Happy Dance

So in 2023, I’m going to blog each month about a client who made me ‘Snoopy Dance’ – one who made me stand up and ‘Wahoo!!’ while jumping around a bit like a fish outta water.

March Snoopy Dance – Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge

When you visit the office of Root Canal Specialists of Baton Rouge, it very clear that  LSU colors are not just Purple and Gold.

Their color scheme is:

In other words, they ain’t playing when it comes to their LSU Pride.

The entire team has deeps roots in Baton Rogue, LSU and with their practice.  Starting with Dr. Simon who’s practiced endodontics in Baton Rogue since 1983.

I met Dr. Gwen Corbett at the Seattle Study Club Symposium in January of 2022.  I visited their practice in late summer of 2022, and they became a client in the fall of 2022.  Our team traveled to Baton Rogue in the fall of 2022 for a video shoot, and I don’t know what kind of Louisiana partying they did, I just know that our team keeps begging to go back!

I met Dr. Corbett again at the 2023 Seattle Study Club and she is joyful as you can imagine. In fact, I had the pleasure of meeting her husband and kids while there, too.

Dr. Corbett

When we can help a practice ensure their online presence represents their professionalism, their roots in the community, and yes, their LSU pride online, that’s cause for the Snoopy Dance.

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