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The 5 Least Likely Things You’ll Hear From Patients in 2022

5 things you won't hear from patients in 2022

A new survey reveals the 5 things you’re LEAST LIKELY to hear from a patient in 2022:

  1. “I love this COVID thing! I want to wear a mask forever!”
  2. “Why yes, my dental coverage makes perfect sense!”
  3. “Doctor, you’re not charging me enough.”
  4. “Can I wait in the lobby longer next time? I love 2018 issues of People magazine.”
  5. “Your website is lightning fast, and I find that totally unacceptable!”

OK, OK, that’s not a real survey, and I’m certain none of you has an issue of People a month past 2019!

But it is true that patients, especially new ones, will not tolerate a slow-loading website. They don’t have to when it’s so easy to click on to the next one.

In addition to your patients appreciating a fast site, Google loves it! When your site is greased lightning, Google sends it love notes in the form of higher rankings.

That’s why we recently invested in new technology in our hosting center and took other measures to improve site speed for our clients. And it worked! The most recent sites launched are loading THREE TIMES FASTER. In fact, a site that previously loaded in 5 seconds is now loading in 1.5 seconds.

We cannot promise when this COVID madness will end or to keep your lobby magazines up-to-date, but we do promise that we’ll continue upgrading and refreshing all our technology to ensure our clients’ sites are fast and engaging.

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