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Two Tips for Improving Efficiency and Retaining Clients

Bullseye Media Expert Tips
Last week at the 30th Annual Seattle Study Club Symposium, I was asked to record two Expert Tips videos. Thought I’d recap those Tips for all our clients.
Expert Tip #1
An excellent lead conversion tool is asynchronous consults. Here is how it works:
You’ve engaged with me in a personal way, that takes very little time on your part. So much better than responding to a patient with a call to set an appointment. A quick video makes the experience personal, increasing lead conversions and eliminating tire kickers.
Expert Tip #2
There are 2 things we’re hearing from our clients as their practices return to pre-COVID levels:

There is a quick, inexpensive way to help speed things up and unburden your staff with a paper intake. Everyone knows that patients hate paperwork as much as your staff does.  It’s very time consuming for both practices.  

It annoys patients and is fraught with manual errors. Some practices have stuck with paper because the digital alternative is an expensive pain in the rear.  

There is an easy alternative – a simple link that can be accessed on your site or emailed.

The referring doctor uploads records and images, and BOOM. It’s done. The receiving practice just downloads it.  It’s HIPAA compliant, inexpensive and can be implemented in days.

If you’d like to learn more about an easy, fast and cheap way to make the lives of your patients, staff and referring doctors easier, let me know

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