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Virtual Asynchronous Consult Demos – an End to the Pain-in-the-Patootie for DSM Doctors?

Virtual Asynchronous Consult Demos

I mentioned in the last blog that we’d be presenting virtual asynchronous consults at the NADSM as a solution to the ongoing pain-in-the-patootie process of qualifying dental sleep medicine patients.

While no one screamed, “Eureka! Finally, an end to the pain-in-my-patootie process of qualifying DSM patients!”, we did get virtually (no pun intended) unanimous feedback that virtual asynchronous consults are a viable and desirable solution.

Attendees reaffirmed that:

lead generation funnel

Today, when someone does a Google search for sleep apnea info/knowledge/relief they typically land on a site only to be asked to fill out a form. Then, the next day someone calls them to make an appointment. The problem is, few people go from ‘attention’ (I read about this online) to ‘action’ (I’m ready to make an appointment). This is even more true when it comes to something they are not quite familiar with (i.e. sleep apnea) and especially treatment from a dentist vs. MD.

NADSM attendees repeatedly told us this weekend that virtual asynchronous consults can definitely help patients get from Steps 1 to 2 and eventually to the all-important Step 4.

Virtual asynchronous consults gives the patient an opportunity to quickly record a video with their questions, in turn giving the doctor the freedom to answer those questions and their leisure (i.e. not during precious clinic hours).

We went into the event hoping for validation from this gathering of the top DSM practitioners in the country. And we got it!  Virtual asynchronous consults affirmation and the Super Bowl in a single weekend.  Whew.
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