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We Want More Referrals

If your dental specialty practice relies on dentist referrals, you have specific marketing needs. Our customized digital marketing strategy will increase awareness among local dentists and drive qualified patient referrals to your door.

Make it Known We’re the Best in Town

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Website Services

Google loves well-structured websites with fresh, relevant content and lots of inbound links. Our Google-certified team can manage this for you and give your website a fresh new look that says, “We’re the best in town!”

Local Search

We make it easy for dentists and potential patients to find your dental practice website on page 1 of search results on Google and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even the coolest website won’t attract referring dentists if they can’t find it when they search! SEO is a powerful marketing tactic that drives more local referring dentists to your website and gives your practice visibility and credibility.

Listings Management

Are your local listings current and consistent? We’ll update the ones you have (Yelp, Yellow Pages...) and add you to new and important listings you may have missed.

Make Our
Phone Ring!

Make Our Phone Ring!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Turn up the lead volume with local PPC ads (like you see on Google) targeting your ideal referrer profile.

Social Media Advertising

Showcase your ads on LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular professional social networks to build awareness and generate referrals.

Call Tracking

These unique phone numbers forward directly to your office line and allow you to identify which marketing campaigns are driving the most referrals


Customize your display ads campaign for visitors who were previously on your website. Your ads will display on other sites when they browse the web so you stay top of mind.


Let’s take your online advertising to a whole new planet using automated tools to serve your ads on third-party websites based on each user’s preferences, web surfing history, and online profile.

Tell Our Story

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Video is an effective way to introduce your practice to referring dentists and demonstrate your experience and expertise so they feel confident sending referrals your way.

Social Media Management

Increase awareness with thought leadership content on the professional social network referring dentists visit—LinkedIn and Twitter. Not sure what to post? Our dental content experts can help!


Drive referring dentists to your website with thought leadership blog posts on topics related to your areas of expertise. No time to blog? No problem—our dental content experts do!

Make Us Dental Legends!

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Reputation Management

Ratings are a must for a referral-based practice—the more you have, the more likely referring dentists will choose your practice when searching for specialists. We’ll help you build the number of glowing reviews from current patients and share the best ones on your website.