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What Dentists Want to Change Most About Their Websites (and why they should!)

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You just launched a brand new website for your practice. It’s finished! Or is it? No matter how up to date, content-rich, or technologically advanced your website, a website is never really “complete” for long. Why? Because if there’s one thing you can rely on in your practice, it’s change. And to keep your patients (and potential patients) up to date with those changes, you will want to refresh your website regularly to keep them informed of those changes.

We surveyed a group of dentists to learn what’s on their website-refresh wish lists. These changes are easy to undertake if you partner with Bullseye Media. All you need is focus, i.e., five minutes to pick up the phone (or write us an email) and say, “Hey, I’d like to make some changes to my website”. We are here to oblige.

Here are the top website components that dentists want to change or add to their sites, and why it’s a good idea to go for it!

1. Web content (services, office hours, patient specials)
Not only do you want to keep your patients informed of the services you offer, the hours in which you offer them, and specials for new patients, you want first-time website visitors to know, as well! Plus, your site benefits from new content of any kind in the search results because Google loves fresh content.
2. Images or video (new awards, certifications, smile gallery images, YouTube links)
A picture is worth a thousand words, and so are nuggets like a “Voted Springfield’s most popular orthodontist” banner, patient before and after images, and video interviews with your dentists and staff. Images and video help to credential your practice and keep new patients on your website longer as they learn more about you.
3. Doctor and staff (headshots, bios, updates to staff and profiles)
Potential patients especially want to know who will be treating them. It helps enormously to have smiling photos of you and your team, from the dental hygienist who will clean their teeth to the person at the front desk who will greet them. Most of all, new patients want to learn about the dentist who will be treating them. That’s where your smiling photo comes in – right on the home page! Add a bio and let them know about your education, family, and hobbies, too. There’s less fear when new patients see the real live human who will care for them.
4. Contact or payment options (edit forms, change accepted cards or insurance, update plans, terms, or prices)
Before a new patient walks through your door, chances are they will check to be sure you take their insurance or credit card. Are your new patient forms up to date or are you spending time emailing the latest forms instead? You’ll save time by sending patients to your website to download the correct forms.
5. Design or functionality (add buttons, social links, pop-ups, or widgets, or change navigation menu)
Want to add an online appointment request form? How about links to your Facebook and Instagram pages, Google review page, or a new section with coloring picture downloads for your pediatric patients? If you want the latest, whiz-bang website, we can help. Ask us about some of the cool features we’ve added to other dental websites. You have ideas? We have solutions!
Remember, your practice isn’t the same as it was even six months ago, and your website should reflect those changes. Keeping your website current helps your search rankings, attracts new and returning patients, and keeps patients informed.
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