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3 Things Coming Your Way in 2023: More New Patients, More Revenue per Patient, AND More Time.

The Gift of Time

Here’s what we’re working for you in 2023.

More New Patients

As I reported a few weeks ago, we have cracked the code on increasing google search results for our clients: The average increase in conversions for paid ads across all our clients the first 10 months of 2022 was 183%!

For SEO, it was 178%. That’s a lot of new appointments!

More Revenue per Patient

Last year I visited a husband and wife practice in California. My team told me their business was slow. Imagine my surprise when their lobby was standing room only! Patients and staff were buzzing everywhere. Turns out they are very busy, but not on the work they wanted to be doing. They were dominating search results for general dentistry, thus a full lobby of general density patients. But he wanted to do more cosmetics and she wanted to do more sleep and TMJ work. Turns out they are in several specialized Study Groups across the country and are highly skilled in those areas.

So why weren’t we optimizing for cosmetics and TMJ patients? We had no idea; they never told us their aspirational goals for their practice. We knew their current goals; thus the full lobby!

I made a decision that day that we must know our clients’ desired long term goals for the practice, as well as their current and nearterm practice goals. Most every practice wants more revenue; the question is where will it come from? We will be laser focused on learning where you want that new revenue and helping you find it.

More Time

Dental Economics posted this great article recently, Tech and marketing trends that will impact the dental industry in 2023. I realized we have our clients well covered with most of its recommendations:

The truth is we can’t help with the massive expense and shift in your practice to implement digital scanning, in-house labs or the addition and staff and space to fully implement same-day dentistry.

But stay tuned for an announcement in the coming weeks that will help you get a step closer, help ensure the patients in your exam chairs are ones you can actually help and have a treatment plan outlined before they walk in your lobby!

We aim to give you the most precious gift of all in 2023, more time.

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