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Snoopy Dance, May: Sleep Airway Solutions

Snoopy Happy Dance

May Snoopy Dance – Sleep Airway Solutions

I love it when we help a practice improve their Dental Sleep Medicine sites. As I’ve written and spoken publicly about several times, I have sleep apnea.

Oral Appliance Therapy improved my life immensely, so anytime we can help a Dr. like Dr. Bansal at sleepairwaysolutionsdallas.com, I do the Snoopy Dance.

We have learned over the years that unlike going to a dentist for general dentistry (where patients know exactly what to expect, how to pay for it, etc…), folks with questions about sleep apnea need A LOT more information. So we include educational components like video and a sleep apnea risk quiz on our Dental Sleep Medicine sites. Things to help them understand the risks of sleep apnea, the benefits of treatment, payment questions, etc…

When we can help dentists create awareness and education in their communities about the benefits of dental sleep medicine, I do the Snoopy Dance. And I can dance all day after the amazing sleep I get!

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